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Neelkanth Polymers (a Unit of Kc India Ltd.)


  • Hydrating Guar Gum Manufacturer & Exporter
    Fast hydrating slurriable Guar Gum is fine granulated, natural and dispersible. It attains high viscosity in 3 to 5 minutes. It is used in the stimulation of oil and gas wells as fracturing fluid. Neelkanth Polymers has an exclusive plant equipped with latest technology to produce fast hydrating.

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    Fast Hydrating Guar Gum

  • Food Grade Guar Gum Manufacturer & Exporter
    Neelkanth Polymers offers a wide range of food grade Guar Gum for various industrial needs. State of the art production plant of Neelkanth Polymers is designed to produce Guar gum with accurate properties to be used in various formulations by food industries. Our Laboratory is equipped with all the

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    Food Grade Guar Gum

  • Industrial Grade Guar Gum
    At Neelkanth we serve almost every segment of industries using Guar Gum as their product or processes ingredient. Neelkanth’s range of latest technology machines enables faster and précised processing of materials and meets all international standards. At Neelkanth we offer an extensive range of

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    Industrial Grade Guar Gum

  • Guar Refined Splits
    Guar Gum Refined Split is refined endosperm derived from guar seed and a pre-requirement for manufacturing high quality Guar Gum Powder. Apart from producing high quality guar gum powder we also manufacture quality Guar Gum Splits for the plants manufacturing Guar Gum Powder. At Neelkanth we have a

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    Guar Refined Splits

  • Guar Meal
    NEEPO Guar Meal is a bi-meal product obtained after processing of guar seeds. It is 100% NON-GMO plant obtained natural protein source for animal feeds, especially for cattle, fish, poultry, swine, etc. NEEPO Guar meal with its balanced amino acid profile and high protein and energy content

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    Guar Meal